Thursday, May 29, 2008

Long Holiday

Wow, it have been awhile since my last post. And it's been a long holiday for me.

Taking some time to go on a trip had been more than overwhelming. I have met with old buddies, some of them which have been through a lot of improvement in life. And yet some that still struggling to live day by day with the same old story; which is how hard life is.

And now back to work. With fresh and new ideas coming in. All waiting to be put into action. How are you, all my friends out there? How's life? What good things have happen to you? Are there any improvement in life?

Doing some good thing continually will surely bring good improvement in your life. These have been proven by some of my old friend that I've met on my holiday. They improve their live by doing things continually. And not stopping. They achieve the good result by not quitting what they are doing and what they believe in.

If you have anything that you believe might do something good and improve your life, then take action. Do it continually, don't ever quit before you get the result. If you meet any obstacle, try to overcome it smartly. You will achieve improvement in your life.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Health, Wealth, Happiness

Healthy, wealthy and happiness, to achieve all in these is almost everyone's dream. Many have wealth, without happiness and health. And many have health, without wealth and happiness.

Many believes that if you're healthy, you won't get wealthy. And if you're wealthy, you may fall sick and you will lose your happiness. Is it true? You may ask yourself once in a while.

To have health, wealth and happiness, all of it is something that you can achieve. How? These complete package of health, wealth and happiness is within yourself. You will be the one deciding it. It's all in your thought.

Get wealthy, think about wealth. What can you do with your health if you're wealthy. Can you buy good food for your body, can you buy the best medicine for your sickness, can you get happiness if you're healthy?

What can you do with a good health? You can work your way to become wealthy. You can live in happiness knowing you're healthy and wealthy. There's a lot you can do with a good health. Protect it.

Achieve having wealth and good health. Happiness is in your way.