Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bad Economy - Time to make money online

This past few weeks, the world experience economy downturn. Everybody are talking about price increase, inflation and the bad economy.

For those who are like me, not so fortunate and doesn't have millions in our savings. It is time to double our effort and start making more money from more multiple source of income. Doubling our effort not necessarily means that we have to work extra time and load our self with so much work. Keep on looking for what type of work can suit our time and money.

One of the way is by making money online. There are various of ways to make money online for free. And it doesn't take that much time. I've shared with you of ways to make money online in my recent post on this blog. It's not that much, but those are some alternative in making money online for free.

One more ways to make money online is by blogging. From blogging you can write about things that you want to write and make money online while doing it. How? You may ask. From your blog, you can add contextual advertisement or banners or affiliates link to your site. There are many options for you to pick. Some of it are Google Adsense, WidgetBucks and Adbrite. They pay you by a Pay Per Click. It means that whenever somebody click on any of the ads that are displayed in your blog, you will make some money out of it.

Mostly, these type of ads provider doesn't require any payment for you to join. And you can start making money online right away after you have registered and added the code they provide to your blog. It's not time consuming and you don't need to be a programming nerd to add it though a little bit knowledge on basic HTML are a plus.

Blogging is easy and you can register for free on Blogger. It takes less than five minutes to register. To update your blog, it only take about 15 minutes of your time, depending on what you are writing about. But for me, it doesn't matter to spend some time working on something that I love.

Start now, build a blog, add some ads or banner or affiliates banners and link and start blogging to make money online on your spare time. Multiply your source of income, yes.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The long way, still far ahead

Being in the online world opens me to many kind of method to make money online. Every new day, there's a new opportunity to making more money online.

In my recent post, I've mumble about ZenZuu and 6dgr, which is a way to make money online just by enjoying social networking and making friends. These site actually offers you to make money online while enjoy doing what you normally do on friendster, myspace, or even facebook.

One more way that I've blog about, is Scour, an advanced search engine which also help you to make money online. Scour give you search result, also with the position of the result in major search engine such as Google, MSN and Yahoo. You can also invite your friend to use Scour and have them to generate more online income for you.

The long way to wealth is still far ahead. There are millions of opportunity to explore. I will share anything that I came across with you. Keep on visiting, and if there is anything that you will like to share, I appreciate it if you leave it in my comment section.