Friday, April 25, 2008

Wealth - Answered Prayers

Everyday, we pray for happiness, we pray for health, and always we pray for wealth. We hope to see some guide to wealth, which path to take. which road to happiness and wealth. And always our prayers were answered, only we aren't noticing it.

We have to start thinking why thing happens to us, why we thought our prayers never been answered. We have to look around. Sometime, it appears in front of us, through our friends, maybe through the newspaper wealth article in front of us and sometimes the road to wealth is always there in our head. We just have to grab it, think a little bit and before we know it, the prayers to wealth, the sign to wealth, the path to wealthiness that we should take will become clearer.

These things won't come directly to us, money and wealth won't fall from the sky. If we can think and focus a little more, we can see that all our prayers to wealth have been answered.

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