Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Things that make you go down

Often there are things that would make you go down. Many of us experienced it. The question is, how do we overcome it. I always believed that there's answer to any problem or difficult situation that we are facing.

Always keep our mind in a positive attitude. The more we think of a problem, more problem will arise from just that one problem. Focus on solution for that single problem. Don't stress ourselves with things that aren't related.

Believe in ourselves and our capability. As human, we like to compare ourselves with other. And we love to compare with someone better. There isn't anything wrong with it. Envy of others are good, if we can convert it to something that will improve ourselves. Don't think when somebody are better than you at something, that you don't have any value to yourself. The truth is, you do.

The thought of things won't change. Yes, things won't ever change if we keep on doing something that we, ourselves believe that won't bring any good. Explore your own self a little bit further. Get to know much more of yourself. What can we do to change ourself, to improve our life. If we still do things that we are doing right now, is there any chance that we will change and improve? Ask yourself.


The greatest gift said...

I agree with you. Actually, this post is really suit me now. I'm in the situation of feeling demotivated, but then when i compare myself with others with worst situation, i'm feeling better. Bersyukur dengan apa yang ada, jangan kufur nikmat


aku said...

okies gak cantik arrangement