Tuesday, September 2, 2008

6dgr Social Networking - Refer friend and Make Money

6dgr is like a normal social networking site such as Myspace, Yuwie, Facebook and friendster which you can make network with new friends, edit your profile, send message and comment others. If you are above 17 and familiar with all these social networking site than you would probably have no problem in understanding what 6dgr is all about.

The best thing about 6dgr, it pays you just to refer friends, and for any one friend that you refer directly to 6dgr, you will get $4. And when the person you refer, introduce it to his/her friend, you will get $3. And when this second person which is your second level refer another friend to 6dgr you will get another $2.

The bonus will be credited to your account when anyone sign up within your network. You won't have to pay for anything to sign up any new member or yourself to 6dgr. It's totally free.

If you're a resident or a citizen in the US, you can have your 6dgr bonus to be transfered via WAMU direct to your WAMU checking account.

For other countries outside of US, 6dgr will probably introduce other method of payment and as to my understanding via a debit card with a 6dgr logo on it. This is not official yet. But since 6dgr
are open to other countries. They will probably introduce other method of payment soon.

Since 6dgr is free and there is huge opportunity to make more money online, sign up now. For me it's a huge opportunity to be one of the earliest to sign up to 6dgr.

Check out this video to find out more about 6dgr.

To register and start making money online for free : Click Here


This is a post from someone who refer 6dgr to me, maybe you will get more details about 6dgr on his writing here : 

Free work at home opportunity

It's time we all stop wasting our hard, earned money on work-at-home business opportunities that just plain doesn't work. Most are get rich quick schemes that are out to get money from the people who actually need the cash the most, which is truly sad.

Well here is a chance for you to not have to risk any of your own money to make someone else rich. What are we talking about? We're talking about 6dgr.com, the next free social networking site that pays it's members a handsome amount of money. More so than Yuwie and Zenzuu and other social websites. Way, way more like 1000x, lol. I know because I have joined all of them to in hopes to make money per the wonderful marketing videos they've make. Only to find out most people working over a year+ and busting their tails off are making <>

So you know what I do? Yes, those sites do make you money; but I've found that it's other companies cutting out the check. Most, including me have gotten smart and use those sites as gold mines for us to market something else. So if you hate spamming, you'd love 6dgr since no one there is paid to talk to you and spam you like these other sites. Don't get me wrong - do join these other free social sites - it's your free marketing place to get your referrals to 6dgr. 

I've had tons of people from Yuwie and Zenzuu spamming me on their systems only to find out I make more from 1 referral alone with 6dgr than they have an entire month or and entire years income. My 1st 4 days alone w/ 6dgr I've made $329 working P/T, about 12 hours. All this without much internet marketing know-how and without having to spend a single penny on any type of fees or advertising. Just use google or go to Youtube and search for help in whatever you need help with. There are lots of free advertising to around. Blogs, Craigslists, Free social websites, Youtube, etc... 

Check out my video I just made today from scratch. Learned how to make it from watching other Youtube how-to videos which is funny. Gotta love that Youtube. The video explains quite a bit about the opportunity. Hope to see you all on my team. The most active and successful team on 6dgr because we work not only as a team, but a family too. You'll all have me along the way to make sure you are successful. Once you are all signed up, give me a call and I will personally train you and get you all set up to start making money and getting referrals the same day. Here are my current #'s as of 12:02 AM 9/8/08 - bout a month in w/o spending a dime on anything yet. 

My Network 

260 Friends 1 degree away @ $4 per referral = $1,040 
624 People 2 degrees away @ $3 per referral = $1,872 
411 People 3 degrees away @ $2 per referral = $ 822 _________________________________________ 
1295 People in my direct Sponsored Network = $3,734 

Plus I got $1,000 bonus for hitting 1,000 in referrals and I'll start getting residuals on what my whole entire network makes. 

Well, again, to register Click Here and it will bring you right to the registration form and again, it's free to make more money online.

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