Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Act, don't just dream

There's a saying "Once a dreamer, always a dreamer"

Well, this is what happen to most of us. We thought that something will come to us, we thought that we will be lucky, we thought that we will win the lottery. Maybe, maybe it will but in reality the possibility are almost zero.

I, myself, had these kind of thought. But that was in the past. I've learned that waiting to get lucky are just a waste of time. I've had so many ideas of what to do, and instead of doing it, i just left it to past me by. And that's a dream, without any action or at least trying it.

Action is what we need. Sometime we think so much that we don't have the time and energy to make it real. Start taking the first step, it is the hardest, yes. But eventually we know we will get a result. If it's bad then we can improve, if it's fantastic than we can further improve. Without the action, making the first step, we won't get anything for sure.

And with more action, definitely, more luck will come to you.

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