Thursday, June 19, 2008

Life gets harder

It's raining heavily outside, and the rain makes me feel sleepy. But there's so much work to be done. My couch can wait a little longer I think.

This couple of days, business have gone a little bit slow. I don't know whether it's because of decreasing traffic to my site or other issues (including oil price?)

And here, where I reside in, many have felt the increasing burden of the recent fuel price hike. Well, as we all know. The price will just climb up. It will not go down, unless there is a miracle. And that is unlikely to happen.

What can we do now is to double the effort, either smartly or working harder. This is to ensure we're up to the increasing inflation.

One of the way is to have multiple source of income, from part time sales, passive earning such as bank dividends or investing on real estate, or make more money online . And always think of ways of how to double up your earning constantly.

May we have winnings over the inflation. More money? Yes.


jyotsana said...

informative. good and u dont sound like a newbee

Norshah said...

Thank you, I try to improve my writing every way that I can, and of course, trying to avoid looking like a newbie, but that's what I am.

Thanks again for the comment ;)