Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Long busy week

Another long busy week passed, and there goes my blog, with no updates. I am so sorry about that.

First, there is The UEFA European Football Championship going on. It's been very surprising and interesting. Spain were the talk of the EURO 2008, since they won their only other trophy, the European Championship of 1964.

Then, busy with my sister. She will be furthering her study for degree. Looking for an apartment for her to stay, a new laptop and getting some furniture and appliances for her apartment.
Here, I realized that things have really change.

Back in 2000, when I was in college. It's as simple as carrying a bag of clothes and some money. Everything else (computers, appliances, furnitures) will be bought when we have more money or while we are already in the second term of our study.

Nowadays, you have to carry with you as much as you can before even starting the first class. And those things involve more money.

I wonder how it's going to be in another ten years.

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The greatest gift said...

Life is like that. I also noticed the same thing happens to me and my brother. Their life is easier and should they can deliver better results than us